Bad News Blount

Remember last year when the highly touted, Oregon Duck’s running back, LeGarrette Blount, was blasted for punching one of his opponents out of the blue, after an embarrassing loss?  Yeah, well, surprise…guess who’s back in the news?!

After running for over 1,000 yards and a school record of 17 touchdowns,  in 2008, Blount’s outburst against an opponent in the opening game vs. Boise State cost him a suspension for the remainder of the 2009 season…what could have been a mild punishment, considering many thought he should face criminal charges for assault!  On October 1st, a month later, Blount issued an apology letter which led to his reinstatement for the remainder of the season – ahhhh, early release and time served.
Blount’s sucker punch against Boise State’s Byron Hout:

Okay, so people deserve a second chance.  But, didn’t he get that when he was reinstated early – never-mind that he didn’t face criminal charges or get kicked off of the team completely – something many people outcried for.
So, fast forward…to the Tennessee Titans who signed Blount as an undrafted free agent.
Just in to the second week of the pre-season, Blount is at it again.  This time, he goes after his own teammate, Erik Bahkhtiari.
Possibly learning some lesson, Blount apologized immediately.  Lesson learned?  Head coach, Jeff Fisher quickly responded with his own comments:  “I am not disappointed whatsoever….his past is his past…I have great confidence in the young man that he has learned from his mistakes…”
Wait, what?!  He learned from his mistakes?  This time he punched out his own teammate!
So, what did Blount have to say when interviewed about the incident?
(see the video here) –
Was it just me, or did he say “I did it and so what?”
I’m not sure who to point the finger at here….Jeff Fisher?  LeGarrette Blount?

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