Time for Jamies Winston to learn personal accountability.

If I had my way, Jameis Winston would change his twitter user name from @jabowins to @jabolearns.  Looking at his accomplishments, it’s sometimes hard to remember that he’s only 19.  During his freshman year, he won the Heisman Trophy and college football National Championship game. His stats are incredible…he was […]

Gotta Love Sports Pageantry. Who Gets Your Vote?! 7

I love sports.  Wait, it’s not just sports, but the pageantry, the camaraderie, the traditions, the rivalries!  Let’s face it, the excitement and enthusiasm that comes from sports isn’t just about the game.  It’s about the fanfare and passion that the fans bring to the equation. I couldn’t think of […]

Coach in waiting…really only works for the coach in waiting, dadgummit! 13

In an an exclusive interview with Matt Hayes of Sporting News, legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden, shares how FSU President T.K. Whetherell reneged on his previous agreement. Ok.  Stop there.  Back track almost 50 years!  Yes that’s how far this story goes back.   T. K. was able to attend FSU (where he eventually […]