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Earlier this week, Joe Montana appeared on DirecTVs Dan Patrick Show , where he shedded some “insight” in to one of the Top 10 Sports movies of all time , Rudy.

Rudy is based on (“based on” – doesn’t that, in itself, imply that some parts may not be completely factual?) the real life story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, a young man who dreamed of playing for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team.  Despite his small size (5’6″; 165 lbs), and three denied attempts to transfer to Notre Dame, Ruettiger eventually made the scout team, as a walk on.  After 4 years on the practice squad (a group that helps the varsity team practice for games), Rudy got his moment of glory.  In the final opportunity for him to play for Notre Dame at home, Rudy was put in for two plays.  In the second of his two plays, Rudy recorded a sack – the only stat that shows in his career.  Because of his dedication and heart (at least from the way I see it), Rudy was carried off of the field by his teammates – one of only two players in Notre Dame history to have such an honor.  In this writer’s opinion, the movie was one of the most inspirational, individual “over-coming odds,” movies of all time!  Rudy was all heart and never gave up!

So, guess who else played on that 1975 team…Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback, Joe “cool” Montana.  Yeah, well, in his September 8th interview with Dan Patrick, Montana implied that Rudy was more of a joke than an inspiration.  Hold on.  One of only two Notre Dame players to ever be carried off of the field by teammates was a joke?  According to Montana, when the players carried him off of the field the players “were kinda playin’ around…I won’t say as a joke, but playing around.”  Montana also stated “he worked his butt off to get to where he was…but not harder than anyone else.”  Too bad he didn’t get those same 14 years in the NFL, after working as hard as everyone else.  Dan Patrick obviously saw the movie as well, as he responded:  “Wait, you’re ruining it for me…”  Montana’s response?  “What’s in your coffee this morning?”  Well, Joe, maybe you could use a little of whatever it is in your coffee!  To me, Rudy is still a hero.  In 2009, Rudy helped launch the “Rudy award,” which is awarded to the most inspirational high school football players who personify what Rudy calls “The Four C’s:” – Courage, Character, Commitment, and Contribution.  No, Joe…Coffee is not one of them…

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